Polaris Medical – Volunteers Needed!

Polaris Medical – Volunteers Needed!

This is a shout out to all ex NHS Ambulance, Armed Forces, Police and Fire Personnel.

Whether your retired or just left the services recently, we are collating a list of people who would qualify under emergency laws and measures to assist with the transportation of Covid 19 patients.

We are not looking for medics per say. We are looking for drivers and assistance with decontamination of ambulances. Every time we transport a Covid 19 positive patient we are putting our front line medics at risk.

Skilled medics with knowledge and experience are going to have to self isolate sooner or later. This will be debilitating to our services.

If you have a:

► Clean DBS
► Driving Licence
► C1 License

. . . we will put you on a shortlist that may come into effect if the worst comes to the worst.

Please email volunteer@pmgoc.com or fill in the form below if you wish to be included. This has not yet been approved by the NHS trusts yet but we are being proactive and trying to get ahead of the game. It will also put you on the frontline of infection. Please be aware of this fact before volunteering.

Thank you for your support. Please do not waste our precious time during this difficult and challenging time period. We are looking for people with experience in extreme emergency situations.

Dickie Henderson
Managing Director