Test to Release – SARS Covid-19 PCR Testing

Test 5 - RT-PCR Swab Test to Release 90

It is your responsibility to book a Swab test at the right time, booking your appointment for 5 Days after your return to the United Kingdom

Have you returned from an Amber country on your return to the United Kingdom? As part of the mandatory 2 and 8 day testing, you can choose to book a test on day 5 of your return, and if found negative, allows your to leave your own and not continue to self isolate.

Please check your arrival times prior to making your booking here, as we can only guarantee results based on what test you purchase which can not be upgraded at the time of testing.

About Us

Polaris Medical are dedicated to providing the very highest standards of medical protection. Polaris Medical are currently the only Private Ambulance service in the UK to receive an “outstanding” award for its services from the heath regulator, the Care Quality Commission. Polaris Medical will work with you to ensure that you have the correct level of protection from COVID-19 for your business or production.

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