Patient Transport Services

Patient Transport Services

Polaris Medical Services is an approved provider to several NHS Ambulance Trusts within the UK, providing Front Line Ambulance and Rapid Response Vehicles with appropriately Qualified Paramedics and Support Staff. We also provide a NEPTS to hospitals and Trusts alike.

The criteria for an Independent Ambulance Service to be selected and accepted by an NHS Trust is extremely detailed and robust. The inspection process is arduous and thorough and we as a private ambulance company are subjected to inspections not only by the Care Quality Commission but by every separate NHS Trust that we aim to service.

Our vehicles must be equipped up to and in some cases beyond the NHS Standard Ambulance. All our equipment is regularly maintained and recorded as such.

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MOTs, servicing schedules and deep cleaning regimes are very closely monitored and scrutinised.

The standard of staff training matches that of the NHS Ambulance personnel and regular update training courses are provided for our staff development purposes. We invest in our people and the future of our company.

Our ethos is that when we are called for we will provide you with the exact standard of vehicle, equipment and personnel that you would wish to get, as if you had called an NHS Ambulance. No compromise!

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