Our Services

Polaris Medical are dedicated to providing the very highest standards of medical protection.
Whether your event is big or small Polaris Medical will work with you to ensure that
you have the correct level of Medics, Vehicles and Equipment.


Film Set Cover - Polaris have extensive experience in the TV, Film and Advertising industry, providing the appropriate personnel and equipment to cover all your medical requirements.


Equestrian Events - Polaris are familiar with the equestrian and eventing worlds. We have extensive experience with Horse Racing, Polo, Eventing, Gymkhanas and Pony Club events.


Sports Events -Polaris can provide medical cover at all types of Sports events including Football, Rugby, Athletic and Motorsports.


PTS - Patient Transport Services - Polaris medical are able to provide Patient Transport Services to NHS and Private Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries and Insurance Repatriation Services.


Water Sports Events - Polaris can provide Surface and Sub Surface medical cover to all types for water sports with the use of dirigible and hard hull boats, medics and divers.


Festival Events - Polaris are able to risk assess and manage medical and fire safety requirements for all sizes of festivals and carnivals.


Fire & Safety - Polaris are closely associated with a specialist Fire Protection Company that are experienced in event fire and safety risk assessments, providing fire tenders, equipment and personnel to all types of events.